Our MISSION is to provide analytical decision support services that strengthen the strategic, organizational and operational components of all types of clubs.

Cornerstone Decision Support is a consulting firm operated by the founder and principal consultant,
Roger Hietbrink. The firm's primary areas of expertise are in facilitating strategic business planning processes, conducting opinion research of all types, and working with management to improve staff performance to fulfill the club's mission and vision. Cornerstone Decision Support helps boards of directors and managers prosper in an ever-changing competitive landscape.

Cornerstone Decision Support's philosophy is that successful clubs are operated on a three-pillar foundation:

  • A carefully crafted strategy to support a club's mission, vision and values.
  • An organizational structure that defines roles, accountabilities and competencies needed to implement the strategy.
  • An operational system that integrates staff talent and rewards measurable performance for achieving goals.


Strategic Planning Opinion Research... Performance Improvement

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