A strategic plan is ultimately no more, and no less, than a set of decisions about what to do to achieve a goals, why to do it, how to do it, and when to do it.

Because it is impossible to do everything that needs to be done, strategic planning implies that some decisions and actions are more important than others – and that much of the strategy lies in making the tough decisions about what is most important to achieve success.

The club leadership's responsibility, first and foremost, is to ensure that the vision and mission have
tangible results throughout the club results members can actually see and feel.

Cornerstone Decision Support's approach to strategic planning involves an energy-efficient process for the planning team of volunteer and paid leadership. Whether it's a "from scratch" strategic plan or an "update" of an earlier plan, we interview the club's leadership, conduct member surveys, work with management to collect internal and external information, and assemble it for review prior to the six-hour strategic planning meeting.

During the planning meeting, participants focus on narrowing the strategic issues raised in the information collection process to arrive at the four to six critical strategic issues that should command the club leaders' attention and decision making over the next three years. Participants identify an overriding strategy and subordinate program strategies that will drive the measurable goals and objectives necessary to fulfill the club's mission.

The general manager, president, and planning consultant meet separately to develop an action plan for each strategic goal, specifying:

  • Activities
  • Expected outcomes of each activity
  • Resources needed
  • Parties accountable for fulfillment
  • Completion dates for each action item

The action plan is presented to the planning team for review and revision before inclusion in the plan document. Cornerstone prepares the strategic plan document that can be published for the membership and staff.

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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

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STRATEGIC PLANNING is your road map to successfully fulfilling your vision.